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Pet Memorials

A Fitting and Tasteful Pet Memorial for Departed Animals

The passing of a beloved family pet is no doubt difficult, but what better way to pay tribute to your loyal companion than with a fitting farewell and a beautiful pet memorial from Heavenly Memorial Designs? Let us help you keep the memory of your pet alive with our tasteful Memorial plaques for pets.

There are many ways in which you can choose to celebrate the life and immortalise the memory of your departed pet. We offer a wide range of affordable products for pet funerals and memorials to make your event extra special.

The Importance of a Pet Memorial Plaque

For those who have not been fortunate enough to grow up with pets in their lives and as part of the family, it may be hard to understand the loss we suffer at the passing of a pet. They bring so much joy, friendship, and companionship to our lives that losing a beloved pet can be a devastating experience for the whole family.

  • People are increasingly holding memorials and erecting pet headstones in Australia. A Memorial is an incredibly powerful tool that helps us to process our grief and celebrate the life of our four-legged companions. It is also a very effective way to teach children how to deal with grief.
  • Pets are part of the family, and family memorials are an essential part of keeping the family tradition alive for generations to come. Celebrating life forms as much a part of a Memorial service as mourning the loss we suffer.
  • Losing a pet can leave an empty space within which children and other family members can feel lonely. A Memorial brings the family together, ensuring no one has to face their grief alone.

What Sets Heavenly Memorial Designs Apart Regarding Plaques for Dogs and Cats

When it comes to getting a cat or dog Memorial plaque in celebration of your departed pet, our friendly and professional team at Heavenly Memorial Designs will not let you down. We offer an extensive range of headstones, plaques, keepsake boxes, gifts, and other products to make your Memorial event an unforgettable and fitting send-off.

  • We understand your pain and endeavour to always help you with the utmost respect and sympathy for your loss. From first contact to project completion, we will ensure your dealings with us are as efficient, painless, and convenient as possible. Our seamless process will ensure that there are no hiccups along the way. Give us a try. You will not be disappointed.
  • Our extensive range of Memorial and funeral products are of the highest quality available in Australia today and generally at a lower cost than the industry standard, making your Memorial both exceptional and affordable.
  • No need to wait – our professional design team offers quick turnaround times on your personalised and custom artwork. Simply send us your preferred wording and artwork instructions, and we'll do the rest and send you a sample to approve. We can even incorporate photographs in the design.

About Heavenly Memorial Designs

Heavenly Memorial Designs has been up and running for the past three years, providing our customers throughout Australia with an extensive range of top quality, affordable memorial, and funeral products to help you give your departed loved one or pet a fitting and tasteful send off.

Our range of convenient and reliable shipping options means that we can help you quickly and efficiently no matter where in the country you reside.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you pay a fitting tribute to your lost loved one or pet.