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Infant & Pregnancy Loss

To Ease the Tragedy of the Moment, Rely on an Infant Memorial Plaque from Us

Help is just a phone call away, and Heavenly Memorial Designs are here to lighten the burden of having to lay your unborn child or infant to rest. Our infant memorial plaques can be custom made to meet your idea of honouring the memory of the departed.

Can You Customise Your Order for Infant Memorial Plaques?

There was no one in the world like your beloved nor will there be and in light of this, the design you choose will undoubtedly be like no other. These are the options we give you to tailor your Memorial plaque into a unique symbol of loving dedication.

  • Photo. Although this won’t be of the infant or the face you never got to see, one may choose to display a picture of an angel, which denotes a soul that may not physically be with us but that is present in spirit
  • Words. At times like these, it can be hard to try and find the words that eulogise such a short-lived life but going through the various phases of grief will eventually allow you to articulate what the loved one meant to you. Hence, it is common for there to be a delay from the time of death to the completion of the final version of the baby memorial.
  • Colour. Colour can add another level of meaning when paying tribute to the memory of a loved one who has gone too soon. Unlike plaques for the deceased adult, child and infant plaques allow more room for creativity where you can use colours such as soft pinks and baby blues to make a lasting impression.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Baby Memorials

During this time of grieving, your worries shouldn’t have to be compounded by overpriced items to bid farewell to your unborn child or deceased infant. At Heavenly Memorial Designs we endeavour to ease the situation by catering to your need for convenience and thinking for you where necessary.

  • Affordability. The passing of an unborn baby or infant is something that no one ever expects to happen, and as such, those who are left behind are not prepared for the costs involved in laying the departed to rest. We are sensitive to the fact that funeral and related expenses can often be unreasonable, and our commitment is to bring you reasonable prices.
  • Shipment Our products are available to anyone no matter where in Australia you are based. Once you approve the design and we manufacture the plaque, we can courier the final baby Memorial item to you safely.
  • Customer service. From the time you reach out to us, we will guide you through what is required when custom making a Memorial plaque. Before offering advice to you, we aim to understand your experience so that the end product reaches your expectations.

With us, you can expect a partner in creating a Memorial plaque that expresses the devotion you had for the departed. Contact us for a commemorative piece that you can cherish