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Pet Memorial Wording Ideas

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Making your pet memorial personalised can be a wonderful way to show how much you love and miss them, and also to remember their unique character and personality. Below are some inscription & wording ideas for your pet’s memorial. Note them down and add them to your order, mix and match them or use these ideas to come up with your own.


Memorial Plaque Introduction Inscription Ideas

In Memory Of

In Loving Memory

Precious Memories Of

Happy Memories Of

Special Memories Of

In Remembrance Of

My Gorgeous Boy / Girl

Our Beautiful Boy / Girl

Treasured Memories Of

Dearest Memories Of

Remembering Our Dear

Memorial Plaque Date Styles

10.01.2008 – 15.11.2018

10th January 2008 – 15th November 2018

2008 – 2018

Who left us on

15 November 2018

Who Passed Away 15.11.2018

Departed This Life 15th November 2018

Memorial Plaque Ending Inscription Ideas

Sleep Peacefully

In Our Hearts Forever

Forever in our Hearts

Too beautiful for earth

Much Loved & Missed

Our Special Friend

Miss you little man.

Our Beloved Friend

Always In Our Thoughts

Forever In Our Hearts

Always In Our Hearts

Forever Loved, Never Forgotten

In Our Hearts Forever

Much Loved Never Forgotten

Forever Missed

Never Forgotten

My Best Friend

Our Best Friend

My/Our Wonderful Companion

Our Faithful, Loyal And Loving Companion

Our Best Friend

You Left A Path Of Beautiful Memories

You Left A Path Of Happy Memories

Forever Remembered & Forever Missed

Best Friend And Loving Companion

Dearly Loved, Sadly Missed

Loved By All

Always In Our Hearts And Minds

Our Best Friend, Never Forgotten

Missed & Loved, But Never Forgotten

A Loyal Friend

A Loyal Companion

Loyal And Faithful Friends

Always By Our Side Wherever We May Go

You Left Paw Prints On Our Hearts

Loved and Missed

Always by our side

Our Handsome Boy

We will love you always

Always Remembered, Sadly Missed

Memorial Plaque Verse Ideas

A Piece of our Hearts, Is Now in Heaven,
Always Remembered, Our Faithful Companion

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

Forever in our hearts,
and remembered with love

A much loved friend who brought
such joy and will be sadly missed.

Our Lovely Girl
Always in our Hearts & Thoughts

You Left Paw Prints, All Over our Hearts

Our Darling Boy
We will treasure your memory Forever

Gone yet not forgotten,
although we are apart,
your spirit lives within me,
forever in my heart.

You left your
Paw Prints on my / our Heart(s)

Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Our Little Piece of Heaven
Always in Our Hearts

Our best friend
Never forgotten,
we will always love you

In our home for X years,
But in our Hearts Forever

If tears could build a stairway
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again.

Thank you for all the happiness
that you have given our family.
Forever in Our Hearts.

Loyal and trusted friend
your presence we miss
your memory we treasure.

Remembered Always
A Loyal & Special Friend

Always in our hearts
Always in our thoughts
Never to be forgotten

Our Faithful Friend
We will hold you in our
hearts forever

Such a special character
Cherished and sadly missed
Remembered Always
A Loyal & Special Friend

A Loving & Loyal Companion

Our Special Girl
Gone but not forgotten
Always in Our Thoughts


We hope this has helped with your plaque inscriptions and given you some guidance along the way during this difficult time

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