About Us

Welcome to Heavenly Memorial Designs

A little bit about me

My Name is Peta, and I am a wife to my wonderful husband Dale and mum to our mischievous puppy named Toby. I have a very full life and I am close with my family & friends who I enjoying seeing as much as possible. Although, I do enjoy quiet time at home with my husband, puppy and a good book. In my spare time I love to go bushwalking, enjoying some wine, cheese & crackers with friends and reading a good book.

Why I am here

I have spent years working at cemeteries all over Queensland. Helping the cemetery book in funerals, helping families select burial and ashes interment sites, record keeping, locating historical graves, and designing memorial plaques were just some of the tasks I completed every day. I always had a passion for helping families memorialise their loved ones, and helping them design the perfect memorial plaque. But it always broke my heart a little when I saw the look on their face when I told them the price after designing their ideal plaque. Some would cancel the order leaving their loved one without a memorial, some would get me to redesign it in a less expensive way and some would spend their last dollar to get the memorial how they wanted. I thought to myself that there had to be a better way.

So in 2017, with the unwavering support from my husband Dale, I established Heavenly Memorial Designs. My aim is to offer  high quality memorial products to families across Australia at affordable prices. I understand it is a difficult time when you lose someone close to you and designing a tasteful memorial for a family member, beloved pet or lifelong friend can be a difficult decision. I am able to offer you my  expert advice on available memorial designs and help guide you through product selection, personalised inscriptions and beautiful keepsakes.

I look forward to help you to remember your loved one or special pet,

Peta xx